Tilter Doors

U Panel Perforated Colourbond Tilt (Small)Tilt Door PanoramicVLine Zinc Perf

We have several types of profiles and frames to suit your preferences. Whether you need ventilation through the door or a solid weatherproof door, we manufacture our tilts at the highest standards.

A tilter door opens on an arm outwards and upwards in one motion. Tilts are generally used to obtain maximum headroom or drive in clearance. They are also commonly used in basement carparks as they can be perforated for ventilation and are cost effective.

1. Jamb type fittings

Jamb type fittings are a simple and cost effective solution for your garage door opening. The door opens outward and protrudes outwards about half the height of the door when open.

2. Track type fittings


With track type fittings, the top of the door runs in a track backwards while the bottom opens outward. When open the door protrudes only slightly.

Photo 29-01-2016Surfmist K Panel With TaperSurfmist Perforated VLine

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