Storage Cages and Partitions

Our welded mesh storage cages are manufactured by our company using 4mm Australian welded mesh and steel SHS frame. Our standard frames are made of 25 x 25mm SHS, and our standard sheeting is 75 x 50 x 4mm galvanised welded mesh. All welds are coated for protection against rust and all cages are fixed in place with zinc plated 10mm pins. All the gates come standard with a heavy duty slide bolt lock and a stop to prevent them swinging against the hinges.

Other sheeting options include 50 x 50 x 4mm welded mesh, perforated colorbond or solid colorbond.

Weldmesh Storage Cage (Small)M24A30259777665

If you have limited space in your unit or garage our storage cages are the perfect solution to keep your belongings safe and organized. They can be manufactured as an over the bonnet cage with enough room to park your car under, so as to not compromise your depth of your carspace. Our welded mesh partitions can also be used to divide boundaries in car spaces and common areas or keep out unwanted guests out of areas.

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