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What a Difference a Garage Door Makes!

Smart Property Investment Magazine (AU) has a great article about how garage doors will add value to your property. According to “Remodelling Magazine” (US), the “Cost vs. Value Report” (Jan 2013),  the simple inclusion of a new garage door ranked in the top three “cost recouped” improvements on a list of 35 common home remodelling projects.

Also, a US research survey found a new garage door can pay for itself, and more. The survey involved real estate agents being shown before and after photos of houses that had new upscaled garage doors and listing prices were increased from 1 to 4 percent. Potentially a garage door costing approximately $US2,000 could increase the sale value by as much as $US8,000 for a $US200,000 home.  These are US figures, but the result shouldn’t be significantly different here in property loving Australia.  Street appeal is curb appeal is street appeal, whatever side of the world you are on.

All in all, a garage door is a great investment for your property.

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